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Every international student should meet the requirements of immigration. Conditions to qualify as a student:

• Have already been accepted for a full-time course of study (course inclusive of English programme) at a public or private higher educational institution
• Have the financial capability to meet the course fees and living/travel expenses
• Possess good health and character
• Intend to seek entry for study purposes only

Application procedures for student pass:
All applications for students’ passes by international student are done through Malaysian educational institutions. The processing, approval an issuance of student passes and visas are done by the Immigration Department in Malaysia except for the students from the People’s Republic of China (PRC). The students from PRC will get their visas from the Embassy of Malaysia and the Council of Malaysia in PRC. Family members of students under the following categories will be allowed to accompany students to stay in Malaysia for the entire study duration:

• Parents of the students
• Spouse, children and parents of students from Middle-East countries
• Spouse and children of students who study postgraduate programme

International students are also allowed to work part-time while studying full-time in Malaysia subject to immigration requirements.



1. Student submits application form with relevant documents to the education institution.

2. Educational institution approves application and applies for student pass at the Malaysian Immigration Department in Malaysia.

3. Educational Institution receives approval from the Malaysian Immigration Department and informs student through a confirmation letter.

4. Student informs education institution of his/her port of entry (airport), arrival date and time.

5. Student arrives in Malaysia and submits passport to Educational Institution for submission to the Malaysian Immigration Department.

6. Student receives student pass (and visa if applicable) from the Malaysian Immigration Department.




The attraction for international students to study in Malaysia is the relatively cheap cost of living. The total cost of expenditure for accommodation, wither on-campus or off-campus, is reasonable and within the students’ budge. Depending on the location, the average monthly rental for a single room (twin-sharing) per student is between RM200 – RM300 (USD53 – USD79). Other expenses such as food, transportation, laundry and other essentials, based on an ordinary lifestyle, are estimated between RM500 – RM600 (USD132 – USD158) per month. Therefore, the total cost of living will average to about RM10,000 to RM11,000 (USD2632 – USD2895) per year.

External Programmes for Degree Qualifications
A student registers for the external programme at the college which functions as a tutorial centre preparing the student to sit for the final external examination. The degree obtained is no different from the internal students of the foreign university.

D. Master’s Degree and Post-Graduate Programmes
In collaboration with foreign universities, these Colleges offer student a wide range of foreign master degree qualifications and post-graduate studies with relatively cheap cost of tuition fees combined with international standards of education. The tuition fee is very competitive ranging from RM24,000 (USD6,300) to RM34,00 (USD9,000).

By Private Universities and Foreign University Branch Campuses
Students can either study full-time or part-time at these universities to earn their qualifications awarded by the universities at both bachelor degree and post-graduate levels. The relatively cheap course fees combined with worldwide recognised qualification make these campuses a much sough after places by local and international students. The areas of study ranging from business, computer science, engineering, IT, medicine, services to languages. For example, The estimated education cost for a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science (course duration: 3 years) awarded by the Branch Campus of a foreign university in Malaysia is as follows:

Tuition fees USD5,658/year
Living cost USD2,763/year
Health Insurance USD53/year
Visa fees (one time payment) USD71
Total cost for 3 years USD25,493