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Malaysia today is a popular destination for the pursuit of higher education. Established, reputable universities from around the world have set up campus here, working jointly with Malaysian universities and colleges to offer internationally-accredited degrees and diplomas in almost every discipline.

There are now more than 40,000 students from 150 countries pursuing tertiary education here. They come to Malaysia because it has a unique Asian culture, a safe and secure environment, a low cost of living and many fascinating places for tourist destination. They come to Malaysia because we offer a dynamic international environment and cost-effective route for quality education with Local Degree Programmes, Twinning Degrees and 3+0 Degree Programmes from 17 Public Universities & College Universities, 21 Private Universities & College Universities and 5 Branch Campuses of Foreign Universities.



A charming blend of green forests, long stretches of sandy beaches, mountain peaks and emerald islands, Malaysia has been a popular destination for centuries. As a key stop on the ancient spice route, it was a trading post that became a natural melting pot of cultures and religions. Arabs, Indians, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch and the English found the penin-sular particularly fascinating. Malacca once held the distinction of being the ancient region’s most important entreport. Here, global economy thrived as spices, silks, gold and silver traded hands and were transported to all parts of the world. 

With such a colourful history and heritage, it is no surprise that the same strengths continue to be the same attractions to the world. In addition, it pulls visitors for its added allure of modern cities, shop-pers’ paradise, luxury resorts, as well as its quaint nooks of living history and cultural diversity.  

World-class education
In the last decade, Malaysia has added another notch to its attractions by becoming a highly-attractive tertiary education destination for students from around the world. These young people are drawn by the increasing presence of some of the world’s most renowned universities, who offer various op-tions to gain their diplomas and degrees through twinning arrangements with local institutions, trans-fer of credit, franchise and branch campus packages. 

Within the region, Malaysia provides the best destination for pursuing academic qualifications. 

Stable and modern environment
Besides the location of some of the finest names in world-class education, the country has enjoyed over four decades of political stability, which has made it one of the most politically stable countries in the world. In addition, Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur, is one of the most international cities in the world. It is here that most of Malaysia’s univer-sities and colleges are located. 




For over a decade now, Malaysia has been on a transformation to the Knowledge Economy. Information Communication Technology (ICT) has been fully integrated into the education system to create a paradigm shift in the way peo-ple are educated. This has resulted in the explosion of ICT-related and ICT-relevant programmes such as distance-learning and virtual universities.  

The strategy to make Malaysia an international education hub is premised on the fact that it makes more sense for degree providers to bring their programmes to the doorstep of those seeking quality education. This makes the programmes more affordable. It can be conducted in a location that is conducive as well as within the cultural envi-ronment that is more friendly to Asians.  

Asia continues to be an im-portant source of recruitment for many international universities and colleges. Also, many students are increasingly choosing non-Western countries for their education for a variety of factors that include high cost and concerns about discrimination. Additionally, many students from the West are flocking to Asia to learn in an effort to gain the understanding of a region that has the world’s largest consumer base. 



In the region, Malaysia is a model nation, leading the way in transforming its develop-ment blueprint into a knowledge-economy. At the vanguard of this transformation is the Multimedia Super Corridor – a national undertaking to make Malaysia Asia’s Premiere ICT Investment Hub. World-class ICT companies have set up their global/regional operations here enabling the transfer of cutting edge ICT skills and technology.  

This mega-development requires highly-skilled and highly-capable graduates whose work demands originality and innovative thinking. Malaysia is a highly-attractive destination for multinational companies that are looking for an entry into the Asian market because of its stability, rich talent pool and international lifestyle. Their presence makes globalisation real in Malaysia.  

Malaysia is a country that is developing and trans-forming to become a key player in the global eco-nomy. Education is a national priority, to ensure we have the resources needed to realize development objectives. As such, we collaborate with the world’s best to ensure that we deliver programmes that are cutting edge and relevant to the needs of the 21st century.


Malaysia is the ideal gateway to Asia. With a multi-racial, multi-cultural and multi-religious population that consists of a cross-section of Asia’s peoples, it provides the right backdrop for Western universities to present their programmes jointly with Malaysians to reach wider Asia.

Malaysian Education Promotion Council
The council is a non-stop centre that provides information on the Malaysian education system and other details. We provide assistance in:

• A database of government-approved universities and colleges
• Entry requirements for the various programmes
• Applying for entrance into universities
• Planning your timetable for admission
• Applying for financial aid or scholarship
• Selecting the right admission tests
• Applying for visas
• Knowing health procedures
• Pre-departure details